1. Lonely/Reality

From the recording Song For Life

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Lyrics: D.D.Skreamer
Music: D.D.Skreamer

D.D.Skreamer: Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Programmed drums engineered by John Nicolosi and D.D.Skreamer


You know sometimes I feel so lonely like I just wanna die.
Sometimes I get so frustrated, and I break down and cry.
But things are gonna get better, you know they could be much worse.
'Cause now I've got a light in my life since I put Christ first.
You know it's not much trouble to take a moment each day
And give thanks to the Father of All Creation and take the time to pray.
He don't want your money. It's not something He needs.
He don't want you to get caught up in those worldly things.
My God in Heaven is made of love.
While on Earth he showed us
To acquire faith and conquer fear.
When my heart's so lonely I can feel Him near.
My faith is stronger than the world
Because my faith is in Him.
I just do the best I can
And leave the rest up to God.
My Lord!
They nailed you to the cross and you did bleed.
That means you were a man.
When someone says to me you are God.
Let me tell ya man, I gotta agree.
You walked across this land
Never condemned one man
Fullfiller of a Psalms prophecy.
You even made a new time begin.
My God!
I'll carry your cross every day with me.
It's in my heart, not just on my sleeve.
He who was, is , and will be
Today, tomorrow, as yesterday.
The Alpha and Omega and all in between.
You're still alive and well.
Conquered grave, death, and Hell
And you're promised one day to return.
Until then your spirit is with me.
My Love....You know sometimes I feel so lonely.