1. Speechless

From the recording Song For Life

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Lyrics: D.D.Skreamer
Music: D.D.Skreamer

D.D.Skreamer: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys
D'Anna Xanthe Skreamer: Flute, Piccolo
Programmed drums engineered by John Nicolosi and D.D.Skreamer


We've been workin' in sunshine
We've been walkin' in rain
Wear no ties on these fingers
Have no want to break chain

And you don't know what to say

Not living life as a sinner
Does not make you a saint
Expert or beginner
In my mind you're the same

And you don't know what to say

Tell me now of your good works
Turning left into right
Your eyes dance in the moonbeams
A trick of stolen light

And you don't know what to say

You walk in all eyes are on you
Don't you know everybody wants you?
Take a chance as you dance into the night
Make it clear I can be with you tonight
You taunt and tease, I'm beggin please, just leave me alone
I've no desire to give this dog a bone
In the end you can pretend you don't know
I don't want to be your friend......NO!