1. You & Me

From the recording Original Sin

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Lyrics: D.D.Skreamer
Music: D.D.Skreamer

D.D.Skreamer: Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Programmed drums engineered by John Nocolosi and D.D.Skreamer


You and me
Side by side
You and me
Day and night
More like a brother than a friend
No stronger bond between two men

You and me
Through the years
We shared our hopes and dreams
And darkest fears
Lately you're acting kind of strange
Your body's here but you're away

Smoke it... Get high....

What can I do to stop these going ons
Is it too late man, are you too far gone
I love you dearly as you can see
Please stop this before it ends in misery

You've been with me for so very long
When I was weak, you made me strong
You found the words to help me sooth my soul
To see you like this man you're out of control

Fill your brain with crack cocaine
Now everything's lost
Oh what a shame

You and me
This is the end
You and me
I can't pretend
There's nothing more that I can do
But walk away and pray for you