1. Feel The Power

From the recording Original Sin

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Lyrics: D.D.Skreamer
Music: D.D.Skreamer

D.D.Skreamer: Vocals, Guitar. Bass

Programmed drums engineered by John Nicolosi and D.D.Skreamer


When you struck the weak they turned the other cheek
Now it's time for you to taste the bitterness of defeat
Two-hundred million troops are coming for you
They're gonna put a stop to the evil that you do
Like corrupting the youth, all forms of abuse,
And trying to make a lie out to be the truth
I hate even your existence but with faith and persistence
I know the Father's gonna crush you, why bother with resistance

I'm talking to you, Satan, and those who are related
Don't tell me about your power 'cause it's overestimated
Your power is in hatred, Your power is in greed
Fallen one, you'll never touch He who is in me
Feel the power of God

You're called by many names though they're really all the same
Beelzebub or the devil, either way, you're lame
And the people that you use or should I say abuse
When they've died they'll realize they've all been made fools
They believed your worthless lies, So now they try to hide
From the Son, the might one, that they have denied
But there is no escape, For them it's far too late
They had their chance, They turned away
They chose to seal their fate
Feel the power of God

The spirit and the bride say, "Come!"
And let him who hears say, "Come!"
There's a river flowing with the waters of life
It's free to whoever wishes, You don't have to drink twice
My God Almighty, El Shaddai,
Sent his only son as a sacrifice
Christ is arisen, He is Lord
Shot down the devil along with his whore

Now walking streets of gold, new names, dressed in white robes
One glimpse of Hell and all who fell, We'll quickly grab a hold
All standing in the light, No darkness is in sight
Thy kingdom's come, Thy will is done
The Way, The Truth, The Life
Feel the power of God
Punk! Suckers! Go to Hell!