1. Love

From the recording Original Sin

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Lyrics: D.D.Skrreamer
Music: D.D.Skreamer

D.D.Skreamer: Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Programmed drums engineered by John Nicolosi and D.D.Skreamer


Looking through time and all of it's stages
It's funny it seems nothing ever really changes
All of his dreams being lost through the ages
Once again

How long do you think before we go under
Is there a way to stop the thunder
Will man ever learn to love his brother
As himself

Does one learn wisdom from a fool
Can an act of evil become a righteous tool
Is a tenth of your money a tenth of your heart
Is it given freely or does it tear your soul apart

Justice, Mercy, Faithfulness desired

Mr. Good Samaritan, no battered on the street
But there's a girl in Bosnia without so much as a grain of wheat
The heroes sing their war songs (rejoice) for all they've killed
But all flags are bleeding, now who'll foot the bill

Justice, Mercy, Faithfulness desired

Love thy neighbor as thyself

Justice, Mercy, Faithfulness desired