Random Thoughts

I've been playing music for most of my life. I still find it amazing the power that music has over us all. The right combination of notes can invoke tears or thoughts of joy, rage, suspense... anticipation. From birth, we are each surrounded by sounds and songs flowing through the air. These songs are both uniquely individual and commonly familiar with those around us. We all have our own favorite sad songs or songs we listen to when we're in certain moods. Songs often connect with mental images and become like photograph books in the mind. We can't help but remember friends and places when we hear them play.They become markers of our own personal identity and history. The release of ORIGINAL SIN marks the turning of a chapter in my life. The truth is the majority of the material on ORIGINAL SIN was written over the life span of three completely different bands. I first entered the studio to record "Dawn's Song" as a solo project and check out the studio for the band I was in at the time. The group disbanded shortly thereafter. Since I was the primary songwriter, I decided to record the songs myself. I also seized the opportunity to record a few songs I had written while in previous bands. I have newer material. I had newer material when I began working on the project. I gave serious thought to just recording the seven tracks I had written in my last band and then adding the three newest songs I had for a standard ten track CD. But as I found myself working as a solo artist rather than a member of a band, I began thinking about the songs I had lost to time and circumstance. Then I realized they weren't really lost at all. It just made perfect sense to go ahead and fill the rest of the CD with songs I had already written but never had the chance to record. For me, the final result is a scrapbook of my life in music.

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